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dc unlocker cracked version [WORKING]

what is dc unlocker:

dc unlocker is universal unlocking tool developed by UAB Digitek specialized for modems, routers and phones unlocking.
  • First universal unlocking product worldwide.
  • It is fast (takes 5 - 60 seconds to unlock).
  • Easy to use and functional program with clear interface.
  • Does not need any special cables or adapters. Unlocking can be done simply by using standart usb cable.
  • No need to select any COM ports, auto detect function.

how to use:

open dc-unlocker 1.00.1212 patched.exe then
in select manufacturer: try them all
in select model: auto detect
then click 🔎 wait until your device detected
use any real username and password you can get them from accounts.txt file
then go to unlocking > unlock
dc unlock will work even if the account doesn't have credit 😊

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